This place was a treat shared only by my father and me.

Back in 1980, when Abah took me to Le Coq d’Or, he didn’t know that the name meant ‘The Golden Rooster’. He took me there for the most amazing French dessert, waiting patiently for his seven-year-old son to relish what I have since found out was Pêche Melba. Abah made surpise trips with me to the movies, the beach, and sweet treats at places like le Coq d’Or. This place was a treat shared only by my father and me. No annoying sister to distract his attention, no spoiled younger brother to steal my dessert. Just me and Abah spending time together.

I still don’t know the reason Abah chose Le Coq d’Or for his special time with me but on each occasion we went back, we would always get the same table on the terrace, and the waiter would always know what we wanted.

Once of the finest classical mansions in Malaysia, the Bok House, home to Le Coq d’Or was demolished in December 2006. A new multi-storey tower is now being built on this site.

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